Join us at the next SMC_MCR, 7 February 2012 at Lammars

After an intimate fireside meetup in January, SMC_MCR returns to its regular format in February, and we’re at a different venue.

We’ve got two talks already lined up for you, and space for two more. Already booked, we have:

Where are they now?Martin Bryant, SMC_MCR co-founder and Managing Editor at The Next Web, talks about the ‘next big things’ of the past. From Myspace, Bebo and Friends Reunited to more quirky and obscure offerings. What happened to them and the people who built them?

Perceptive Media – BBC Perceptive Media takes storytelling back to something more aligned to a storyteller and a audience around a fire. It uses Internet technologies and sensibility to create something closer to a personal theatre experience in your living room. The BBC’s Ian Forrester explains more.

Have you got something you’d like to talk about? We have two slots free for this event, so email us: admin AT with details of what you’d like to discuss. We’re flexible about the topic – as long as it’s about digital innovation or social media and isn’t a sales pitch we want to hear about it!

SMC_MCR takes place: 6pm – 9pm, Tuesday 7 February 2012.

Venue: Lamarrs Restaurant & Bar, 57 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EJ

Sign up on Lanyrd here So we know how many to expect.

See you there!

Image credit: Hober

5 thoughts on “Join us at the next SMC_MCR, 7 February 2012 at Lammars

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  3. Norman Willis

    Found your ideas highly engaging. Can’t really drop in for your talks, living in the US as I do, butr would like to be able to read and even react with comments time to time.

    Am interested in prospects for perceptive media in medical education, to enable use of core material universal to different specialties, with optimized additions for special interests, diagnostic sub-entities, the like.

    Am lamentably WAY behind the curve using Twitter/Facebook. But I am in Mensa, and will begin picking it up now that it offers something of merit in my own value system. I am a published medical author in the field of clinical, scientific, and regulatory writing on medical topics, currently doing occasional consulting work..

    Would you like a faraway correspondent to react to your essays into these amazing areas?

    Norman Willis

    1. Martin Bryant

      Hello Norman, thanks for getting in touch – good to see some interest from so far away 🙂 We don’t really have much writing directly on this site, so a correspondent isn’t really needed – we’re more about offline meetups and what’s happening in Manchester, I’m afraid.

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