Get visually creative at SMC_MCR March as we welcome back Mario Cacciottolo

twitpicAt SMC_MCR March we’ll be welcoming back an old friend and we’re looking for you to share your project too.

Mario Cacciottolo is the man behind Someone Once Told Me, a site that publishes a new photo every day in which a person shares something, yes that’s right, that someone once told them. It’s a simple idea that has kept the site going for six years with photos ranging from insightful and inspiring to downright hilarious.

Mario will be talking about his upcoming trip around the world and will be able to offer insights into how to keep a blog running for so long single-handedly. Oh, and he’ll be taking pictures of anyone who has something they’d like to share. He did this the first time he spoke at SMC_MCR and it led to several posts on Someone Once Told Me.

The World Bench Project

Also at March’s event, Gill Moore, a Manchester-based freelance photographer and blogger, shares The World Bench Project with us. Three years in the making, the project launched earlier this month and celebrates the humble bench using photographs and stories uploaded by it’s community. It’s free, a bit of fun and everyone is invited to submit a bench to the website.

Gill will talk about the project’s origins and the process and willpower needed to bring to life and curate a crowd-sourced photography website.

So far there are 21 countries featured on the site from Mexico right across to New Zealand. Popular benches include the longest in the world; a 120m stunner from the lofty slopes of Switzerland. There’s a huge pair of ruby red lips in Melbourne, Australia and an ornate wooden Chinese bench inhabited by sleepy natives.

It is hoped the site will feature at least one bench from every country on the globe. At the last count that would be 193 sovereign states!

A Tree Made of Real Wood

A new photography exhibition, A Tree Made of Real Wood by Manchester documentary photographer David Dunnico, takes a wry, witty look at trees in cities. David will be discussing the exhibition at March’s event.

He says: “Many of the trees we see in city centres are dotted around in tubs, like fig leaves hiding the shame of bland re-development. Nature never looked more un-natural than in suburbia – a place where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them”.

Got something to share?

Are you working on something cool and interesting relating to digital visual arts? Come and share it with us! It could be an art project, a blog or something completely off-the-wall. Whatever it is, get in touch tell us about it and we’ll book you a slot in the evening to tell us more.

If you’re coming along, please add your name to our Lanyrd page.

Date: Tuesday 5th March
Time: 18:00 -21:00
Venue: Barcelona NQ, 6 Hilton Street, Manchester M4 1NB
Entry is free, as usual

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